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Clarity Of Vision ~ Aligning Thoughts
Step 1: Clarity of Vision The first step is getting crystal clear on exactly what it is you are bringing into your life. Getting clear on what you want, gives you then the space to direct your energy toward this manifestation. The more clear you can get, the more specific and clear your results will be. Through meditation, sound immersions, shamanic journeys, and gratitude, you will refine that epic vision of yours. This refinement and clarity of your vision will then make it very clear to Spirit, the Universe, your guides, etc. exactly what it is you ARE creating.
Word Magick ~ Speaking Your Dreams True
In this phase of your journey you will empower your voice and align everything you say with the creation of your dreams, thus speaking it into existence. Through vocal toning, word magick, prayer, affirmations and spellcasting, you will feel confident telling people (and spirit) what it is you are birthing! You'll gain a solid foundation for prayer, spellcasting and word weaving.
Aligned Actions ~ Actualizing the Dream
In this phase you will embody your truth, own your visions, and know exactly what actions and steps you need to actualize your intentions. You'll have a solid plan, with practical actions to take and achievable goals to get you to where you wanna be. Through a special yoga flow, medicine songs, action plans, and ceremony, you'll have everything you need to get everything you want! The possibilities are endless!
Manifestation Magick
About Lesson

5 year plans are beautiful tools for manifestation. I remember when i first was asked to make my 5 year plan i thought it was crazy. Then i did it. At the end of my 5 year plan was becoming the owner of the Mystical Yoga Farm. Within 1 week of stating this as my main vision, the founder (owner at the time) emailed me saying he rented out the farm for 5 years and then he will be deciding the owner after that. 5 years later i became the owner.

The 5 year plan acted as a North Star, a guiding light that guided my plan of action, directed my prayers and spells, and gave me something to strive for.


how it works is first you brainstorm and write everything down that you wanna manifest, big or small, short term or long term. stream of consciousness write it all down. don’t doubt. after this start to dial it in clearer and clearer. Start to make sections, 1 month, 3 mont, 6 month, 1 year, 3 years 5 years. Write all the goals you have and visions you have for each increment. then start to list positive actions you can take for each increment, step by step!

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